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Hosting Airbnb in Gatineau, QC

  • Wed, November 10, 2021 6:59 PM
    Message # 12117525

    Hello guys,

    Franklin here.

    I recently moved to Gatineau from Ottawa and I am looking to confirm what the story is about doing Airbnb within Gatineau with one's primary residence  (house-hacking) . And if indeed the classification certificate is required for that and how long did the process take? (I couldn't find anything concrete on the city's website )

    From what I've read online there's a lot of gray area with this especially in QC. I had contacted the city of Gatineau but I am yet to get a solid response from them. (It's hard to get through to the right department as the staff work from home due to covid).

    Pls anyone currently doing Airbnb with their primary residence who can advice.



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