This week is the multi-unit SIG.

2015-06-16 00:56:55 oreiomaster

This week is the multi-unit SIG. 

This month at the Multi-unit Special Interest Group, we’re going to be doing a deep dive on the construction of a 10-unit apartment building from concept to lease-up.

The second half of the meeting will focus on our new OREIO Wiki project. The Wiki project was announced at the last OREIO meeting.

The idea behind the Wiki project is to develop a series of documents that OREIO members can incorporate directly into their investment business.

These processes and systems are being donated to the OREIO membership.

  1. Renovation Process
  2. Property Management Process
  3. Construction specification 
  4. Pre-construction project plan
  5. Construction project plan

We’ll be planning the hackathons that will result in the completed processes. If you are interested in taking advantage of the results, then consider contributing. There are multiple ways to contribute and become engaged in this great project.

Come out to the Glebe Community Centre, June 18 at 7PM.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Come out to the Glebe Community Centre, June 18 at 7PM.

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OREIO - Annual BBQ

2015-06-10 01:04:08 oreiomaster

You’re cordially invited to attend our annual Member Appreciation Summer BBQ!! This year’s event will take place on Monday, July 13th at the Hellenic Center located at 1315 Prince of Wales Drive.  Doors will be open at 6:00pm and the Dinner will be served  at 7:00pm.

The Summer BBQ is part of your OREIO membership as well as a great opportunity to network and enjoy some social time with fellow members. We encourage all members to arrive early to network with other real estate like minded investors and local professionals.

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