OREIO - Annual BBQ

2015-06-10 01:04:08 oreiomaster

You’re cordially invited to attend our annual Member Appreciation Summer BBQ!! This year’s event will take place on Monday, July 13th at the Hellenic Center located at 1315 Prince of Wales Drive.  Doors will be open at 6:00pm and the Dinner will be served  at 7:00pm.

The Summer BBQ is part of your OREIO membership as well as a great opportunity to network and enjoy some social time with fellow members. We encourage all members to arrive early to network with other real estate like minded investors and local professionals.

Special Guest Speaker

As a poor immigrant to Canada from El Salvador, Alfonso grew up facing hardship. He lived on the streets, faced discrimination in the education system, became a teenage parent and ultimately dropped out of school. Alfonso had hit rock bottom. However, adversity gave Alfonso the clarity to examine his life and make new choices. Rebounding and rebuilding his life, Alfonso is a dedicated father of 2 girls, respected entrepreneur, professional speaker and author. Featured in Readers Digest which did a 7 page profile that was published in 16 different countries in 5 different languages.

An Ottawa Business Achievement Awards finalist for New Business of the year. Host of a Rogers Channel 22 Television show called “Success By Design Show” and currently has over half million views on YouTube. Author of the book “From the Ground Up! You’re 3 steps away from living the life of your dreams” with a movie based on this book in the works. Alfonso is a dynamic leader who is passionate about sharing his story and inspiring others to create the life they want and to never give up on your dreams. He truly is in the business of changing lives and has a special gift in his ability to connect with people and move them forward.

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