FEB 10th - Speaker Surface Development & Special Guest Bill Meyer of Keller Williams

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This month at OREIO we have an exciting keynote speaker. He’s the owner of Surface Development, an Ottawa developer who started out small and is now developing boutique condominium projects.  We also have Bill Meyer, founder of Keller Williams in Ottawa to give us insight to how the local market has changed since the federal election.

At OREIO, we’ve decided to support the Shepherds of Good Hope. They do some amazing work with the homeless in Ottawa. In December, January and February we’re initiating a food and socks drive. We’re asking members to bring either some canned food or a pack of new mens socks for donation. Thank you so much for the generous donations over the past two months. What you’ve done is truly remarkable.

Jakub Ulak is an experienced architect, real estate developer and president of Surface Developments. In the last 15 years, Jakub has acquired and managed several multi-unit income properties and developed many successful residential projects in the Ottawa area. Jakub in also an accomplished architect; some of his projects include the condo at 700 Sussex, the apartment building “The Adelaide”, and the newly refurbished Minto Place Suite Hotel.

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