Next OREIO EVENT – May 11th Deal Structuring.

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Thank you for the great turnout at the last meeting for George Ross. It was truly a magical evening packed with wisdom and insight from an extraordinary man with 60 years of real estate experience. Many of the questions for George from the membership had to do with deal structuring. It’s clear that you have many questions on this topic. So next month we have Victor Menasce speaking about deal structuring. This session will be packed with practical “how-to” strategies for structuring deals and projects. This will even include a simple method for using your corporate structure to achieve massive income tax savings.

We also have the OREIO election. The deadline for nominations is Friday May 6 at 5:00 PM. Click here for more info on the positions open for the election. There are 8 positions in total. If you are interested, or know someone who would be interested, please step forward and nominate! OREIO is one of the best clubs of its kind in Canada. Let’s keep it going and growing!

Our sponsor

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Executive Elections

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Hello OREIO members,

It is that time of year! Get ready to vote for and elect your board members.
If you would like to become an elected member, here is the process:

1.  Email the current elected board members at:;
2.  Specify which position you are running for;
3.  Submit a maximum one page introductory letter / Bio.

Your application must be received no later than May 6th 2016 5pm EST.

Do not wait until the last minute!
Applications submitted past this cutoff time, will not be considered.

Introductions will take place at the May 11th OREIO meeting. You will have up to one minute to introduce yourself, and tell the OREIO members why you want to be elected, and what you can bring to OREIO, or how you can make OREIO better…

If for some reason you cannot be present at the May meeting, we will accept a video of no more than 1 minute, in lieu of your in person presentation / speech.

For the rest of the OREIO members, please note that ballots will be handed out when you sign in at the beginning of the meeting. Only members can vote. Candidates will present themselves with a brief introduction at the beginning of the meeting, and the vote will take place prior to the break. The votes will be tallied up by the executive and announced at the end of the meeting.

Please see attached PDF file with the elected member positions and a summary of their functions.

We hope to see you all present. This is your chance to have your voice heard!

Your OREIO Elected members

1.1 The President shall be the Chairperson of the Elected Members and shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the Elected Members.  The President shall ensure that all orders and resolutions of the Elected Members are carried into effect.  The President or another Elected Member of the Organization appointed by the Elected members for the purpose shall sign all by-laws of the Organization or other documents requiring the signatures of officers of the Organization.


1.2 The Vice-President shall assume the duties and functions of the President in the President’s absence and shall act on the President’s behalf.  The Vice-President shall also be responsible for organizing sponsors, infomercials, and affiliates. The Vice-President shall also be the Privacy Officer of the organization and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Elected Members.

1.3 The Secretary shall record all minutes of the meetings of the elected members  and maintain these in the books kept for that purpose.  The Secretary will be responsible for following up on action items raised during meetings. The Secretary shall also retain and distribute to members as required, official documents of the organization and record the votes of approved changes and incorporate/update regulations.  The Secretary will oversee voting on election night of the members and destroy the ballots after the votes have been recorded. The Secretary will request review of the bylaws once a year and shall give notice of all meetings.

1.4< The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining an accurate and complete accounting of all assets, liabilities, revenues and outlays of the Organization. This includes but is not limited to preparing the financial statements and balancing the bank accounts and paypal account. The Treasurer is responsible to attending the monthly meetings, assisting with registration and summarizing and depositing any funds collected during the monthly meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for any financial matters relating to the sub-groups created by the organization. The Treasurer is responsible for having gift cards available for the monthly meetings. The Treasurer is responsible to present the financial reports to the Elected Members at the monthly meeting and yearly to the membership. The Treasurer shall perform such other duties as may be required.

1.5 The Membership Coordinator is responsible for assisting members with their membership and registration. It is the responsibility of the Membership Coordinator to set-up registration for members at membership meetings, as well as oversee checkin for guests and members. The membership Coordinator is responsible for maintaining and reporting membership statistical numbers, consolidating new memberships after each meeting, and resolving members’ issues pertaining to their membership. The Membership Coordinator also keeps track of and produces membership cards/name badges.

1.6 The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining, updating, and adding content to the OREIO web site.  In addition, the webmaster is responsible for additional activities relating to computer systems such as managing the FTP site, and email accounts.  The webmaster is also responsible for creating the monthly tickets via eventbrite and preparing the monthly email blast using MailChimp. The webmaster works with the Elected Members to define requirements for the website and ensures that they are implemented according to the priority set by the Elected Members. The goal of the webmaster is to work with the Elected Members to make the web a useful resource to its members, and to provide a method to attract new members to the group.

1.7 The Speaker Coordinator is responsible for booking the speakers for the Members’ meeting. Along with the help of the President and the rest of the elected members, he or she will select topics of interest for the year, and will secure qualified, Canadian-content, real estate related speakers. The Speaker Coordinator must acquire a short biography and photo of the speaker and ensure that that the content of the presentations is focused on education and not sales.

1.8 The Publicity Officer is responsible to advertise the meetings to grow the membership.  The Publicity Officer will advertise all meetings through different marketing streams including free newspaper announcements and various online websites. The PO is responsible for any and all marketing collateral to promote the organization. The PO is responsible for posting frequent real estate related news articles, blogs, discussions, videos, etc on various social media channels to keep members engaged and also attract new members. The PO is responsible to bring OREIO signs and set them up. The PO also is responsible to review and coordinate OREIO videos from each event.

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