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July 14th at the CedarHill Golf and County Club

The OREIO Annual MA Summer BBQ

The OREIO Annual MA Summer BBQ for Members

You’re cordially invited to attend our annual Member Appreciation Summer BBQ!! This year’s event will take place on Monday, July 14th at the CedarHill Golf and County Club. Doors will be open at 5:30pm and the BBQ will commence at 6:30pm.

The Summer BBQ is part of your OREIO membership as well as a great opportunity to network and enjoy some social time with fellow members. We encourage all members to arrive early to network with other real estate like minded investors and local professionals.  

We also have another great surprise for you... We are pleased to welcome our fantastic guest speaker for this year’s BBQ.  Ryan Malfara is a successful business coach with an incredibly adventurous background.  He is the latest winner of the Polar Race (an intense 650km race from Resolute to the North Pole in bone chilling sub-zero temperatures and treacherous landscapes). 

Come and join us, enjoy something from the grill, beverages, cake and more. You're sure to be well fed, have a great time while networking with fellow members and learn from an amazing speaker and mentor.

We only have 165 tickets left and they are going fast, so make sure you register as soon as possible on Event Brite at www.oreio.org

Ryan Malfara

Ryan’s distinctive set of experiences and his dedicated efforts towards understanding his preternatural ability to focus and self-motivate make him ideally suited to accelerating growth and change in the business arena.
He has devoted a substantial amount of time to understanding the mental component that makes his physical feats possible and can apply these lessons in a business context to align focus and create a winning mind-set in those that he coaches.

Already the President of a leading seminar company; Ryan shows the same drive and commitment in his business dealings as he does in other aspects of his life.

His experience has been gained in a wider context than you’d find in your standard business school graduate and it is this breadth of world view that has nurtured a degree of maturity that goes beyond his years.

Through his charitable works, he’s established himself as a leader of teams, a coordinator of complex projects in the most extreme of circumstances, a talented marketer and fundraiser. All of these skills are brought to bear in the corporate world and fuel the achievements of the teams he works with.


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