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March 14, 2018 - How the Ultra Wealthy Invest in Real Estate / Darryl Bandoro

Darryl Bandoro, a two-time OREIO executive, began his career in financial services 18 years ago.   Having studied the investment methods of high net worth families and institutions, he knows there’s a difference in how regular people invest in real estate and how the ultra wealthy invest.  Over his diverse career, he has had the pleasure of helping clients invest in real estate projects worth hundred’s of millions of dollars all across North America.

 As a Private Capital Professional, Darryl focuses his energy on helping his clients reduce risk by diversifying their holdings using a healthy mix of passive real estate and private business investments.  With his entrepreneurial background, Darryl particularly enjoys working with business owners and professionals who are looking to implement strategies to build and protect their wealth.

 Darryl is proud to have been born and raised in Ottawa. He loves traveling with his wife and in his spare time, he is an avid ultimate frisbee player.

Shepherds of Good Hope

This month we are supporting the Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation. Charities get lots of attention during the holidays. But the homeless need food and clothing year round. Please bring non-perishable food, hats, gloves, socks. We will have folks from the Shepherds on hand to talk about the work they do.


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