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John Dickie Joins OREIO!

For our June OREIO meeting we will be joined by John Dickie who will be discussing the status of the City of Ottawa's efforts to license landlordsJohn is a partner in the law firm Dickie & Lyman LLP, which practices landlord and tenant law, rent control, municipal property tax law and government relations in Ottawa. John is also the Chair of the Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization. EOLO represents Ottawa’s major rental housing providers, and numerous other landlords, on many of the issues landlords have with the City of Ottawa.

Did you know that the City of Ottawa is now moving forward with its review of Rental Accommodations and possible new regulations for rental housing generally, student housing, short-term rentals (Airbnb) and rooming houses?

John will be discussing the City of Ottawa and where it's at as it considers licensing landlords. Learn exactly what the City of Ottawa is considering in regulating landlords, and restricting short term rentals. At what stage is the consultation? What are the arguments for and against landlord licensing? How can you best make your views known before a decision is made?

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