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July is normally the banquet at OREIO. But since we’re in a period of continued social isolation we will reschedule the banquet to a more appropriate time. Perhaps it will be in December. We’re continuing to monitor the situation closely. Our summer speaker is usually a more inspirational speaker. We’ve had Olympic medalists, and other notable people who can provide a reframe of context. This month we have just such a person. He’s not super famous or anything like that. But he’s extraordinary.

Our speaker is Keith Elias, former NFL running back for the Colts. He’s a Princeton University graduate, a school not known for producing football players. Since leaving the NFL he spent time in the real estate investment world. Today, he’s back at the NFL where he heads up the player engagement department. He’s responsible for helping players transition into the league as well as for those who are leaving the league. This talk will completely reframe your life. That’s a bold statement, and it's one that I know Keith will deliver on.

The next session will continue to be on zoom, the virtual platform. You definitely want to be there. There will be prizes given out at this meeting and you definitely want to be in attendance.

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