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Current OREIO Executives


Victor Menasce

Victor Menasce

Victor Menasce is Managing Partner of US Real Estate Partners and author of “The Great Canadian TakeOver”. He’s a seasoned real estate investor with holdings in Ottawa and across the US. Victor has a strong track record and has held several executive roles in both private and public companies in Canada and the US.

Vice President

Christian Szpilfogel

Christian Szpilfogel is an experienced real-estate investor and entrepreneur. With a background in various executive positions in both private and public technology corporations, Christian refocussed on a new venture through investments in real-estate and tech start-ups. Currently serving as the Chief Investment Officer of The Aliferous Group, he has proven to be a thriving real-estate investor with burgeoning holdings in multi-unit residential and commercial properties. Learning from his own prosperity, he believes in giving back to the community by spreading his knowledge and helping others develop their own personal wealth-strategy to success.


Rob Lachapelle

I have been a real estate investor for 10 years now and a member of OREIO for around 5+ yrs. Since joining OREIO. I have been inspired to start and manage a small boutique style Property Management Company as well as obtain my Realtor license, all while working full time for the Federal Government. A little over three years ago I made the decision to leave my job and pursue a career full-time in real estate as a Realtor and also as an Investor.

Membership Coordinator

Jessica Roche

Jessica was born and raised in the Greater Montreal Area. She relocated to Ottawa in 2009 to pursue her post-secondary education. Ms. Roche holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Service with a minor in public administration and a Master’s in public administration - all from the University of Ottawa.

Jessica is a dedicated public servant who developed a strong interest for financial freedom. She is an active Real Estate investor who is looking to expand her portfolio in Ottawa and in the Greater Montreal region. Finally, Jessica is an avid fitness professional who loves to travel.

IT Coordinator

Brad Cartier

10 years of experience investing in the Ottawa and Montreal markets, primarily in new condo construction but now small multi-family. Brad is also a startup angel investor specializing in the property technology niche, with 6 angel placements to-date. Brad is also Head of Marketing at Hostfully, a San Francisco-based vacation rental software platform that recently raised $1 million in seed funding, led by Precursor Ventures. Most importantly, Brad is the father of four young daughters, making Disney Princess trivia his superpower.


Jacob Holmer,

Jacob Holmer is an accomplished Professional Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the industries of engineering and construction. Today, he manages several multi-million dollar commercial construction projects in Ottawa alongside his personal portfolio. Inspired by his own parents’ monetary struggles, he became a real estate investor and founded Holmer Real Estate Investments to help families who are unprepared financially for retirement.

Outside of real estate, he is a proud husband, personal health advocate, a champion for sharing one’s knowledge, and supports his wife’s business in photograph conservation.

Speaker Coordinator

Babette Turner

Babette Turner is real estate investor turned real estate lawyer. She has been a member of both OREIO and REIN for over 10 years and has been investing in real estate on and off her entire adult life. What started out as a side hobby over the years has become an embroiled passion. She has taken and continues to regularly attend real estate seminars and educational events. This makes her both a better investor and better lawyer for her real estate investor clients, being able to understand the creative nature of real estate investing.

In her current position as speaker co-ordinator for OREIO, she is looking forward to bringing a variety of speakers to our group. She eagerly accepts input and encourages all members of OREIO to reach out to her with suggestions on speakers (or even volunteer yourself) But don’t hold back. Feel free to send any suggestions that may make OREIO better for all members.


 Michael Chan

Likes to read gantt charts and balance sheets. 1 part executive, 1 part constructor, 3 parts geek and 2 parts coach. Too many parts? Michael has over 20 years experience in the building industry, including design, management and construction of multi-use, commercial and residential buildings. Built a vertically integrated real estate investment company in 2009; AMGhome. Today, he serves with several non-profit organizations in affordable housing and education.

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