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Current OREIO Executives


Victor Menasce

Victor Menasce

Victor Menasce is President of OREIO and has served on the OREIO executive for the last several years. For his daily role, he is Senior Partner with Y Street Capital an Ottawa based real estate development firm that specializes in new construction projects in Ottawa and several cities across the US. Victor is also the host of the daily Real Estate Espresso Podcast.

Vice President

Christian Szpilfogel

Christian Szpilfogel is an experienced real-estate investor and entrepreneur. With a background in various executive positions in both private and public technology corporations, Christian refocussed on a new venture through investments in real-estate and tech start-ups. Currently serving as the Chief Investment Officer of The Aliferous Group, he has proven to be a thriving real-estate investor with burgeoning holdings in multi-unit residential and commercial properties. Learning from his own prosperity, he believes in giving back to the community by spreading his knowledge and helping others develop their own personal wealth-strategy to success.


Meagan Peters

Meagan Peters is the owner of Pitch Perfect, a graphic design business dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. With a robust background in graphic design and marketing, and a passion for real estate investing, Meagan brings a unique blend of artistic flair and strategic marketing to the table. Committed to making a positive impact, she aims to support her community in achieving their goals and realizing their dreams.

Membership Coordinator

Mathieu Laquerre

I'm the founder of MADA® Partners and MADA® Capital, a private Canadian boutique real estate investment firm. The focus of the firm is on re-developing land in the U.S. Our primary emphasis is infill development in large numbers from single family homes, town homes and multi-family developments throughout various neighbourhoods with the intention of revitalizing communities and encouraging home ownership. Our real estate investments are run by industry experts who have a track record of seeing opportunities where others have failed. Private real estate investments can be a powerful tool for building wealth, providing both income and long-term growth.

After spending nearly 15 years working in sales and having multiple side hustles I'm a true entrepreneur and now responsible for the day to day operations, global sales and marketing activities of my private equity firm.Since my mid 20 I've been investing in real estate.

IT Coordinator

Brad Cartier

15 years of experience investing in the Ottawa and Montreal markets, primarily in the development of missing middle multi-family. Brad is also a startup angel investor, advisor, and chief marketing officer specializing in property technology. Brad has invested in and worked for a number of high profile proptech startups including Hostfully, Roofstock, Stessa, WeGoLook, and more. Most importantly, Brad is the father of four young daughters.


Marc Amyot

Marc Amyot is the founder of Assera Property Group where he leads investment strategy and property acquisitions. Marc also a co-owner of “Mako Carpentry” a contracting and renovation company in Ottawa. Over time, he’s become known for his creative approach to real estate investments and his high degree of ethics. Marc is life long learner and is dedicated to give back whenever he can.


Babette Turner

Babette Turner is real estate investor turned real estate lawyer. She has been a member of both OREIO and REIN for over 10 years and has been investing in real estate on and off her entire adult life. What started out as a side hobby over the years has become an embroiled passion. She has taken and continues to regularly attend real estate seminars and educational events. This makes her both a better investor and better lawyer for her real estate investor clients, being able to understand the creative nature of real estate investing.

In her current position as speaker co-ordinator for OREIO, she is looking forward to bringing a variety of speakers to our group. She eagerly accepts input and encourages all members of OREIO to reach out to her with suggestions on speakers (or even volunteer yourself) But don’t hold back. Feel free to send any suggestions that may make OREIO better for all members.

Speaker Coordinator

 Michael Chan

Likes to read gantt charts and balance sheets. 1 part executive, 1 part constructor, 3 parts geek and 2 parts coach. Too many parts? Michael has over 20 years experience in the building industry, including design, management and construction of multi-use, commercial and residential buildings. Built a vertically integrated real estate investment company in 2009; AMGhome. Today, he serves with several non-profit organizations in affordable housing and education.

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