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John R. Walsh, Founder

John and Connie started OREIO just shortly after buying their first cashflow positive, nothing down 4-plex deal in downtown Ottawa in 2001. They wanted to share their experience with other like minded professionals in the Ottawa area, and learn the tips and techniques from other investors. Their experience, both good and bad cover, the full range of investments from a single family home to a very large commercial 57 unit building in Montreal and everything in between.

John Walsh is currently a mortgage agent working with Mortgage Alliance. With almost 10 years experience in real estate investing, John brings a unique perspective to helping real estate investors purchase their first or fifteenth investment property.

John’s goal, as a mortgage agent, is to focus on investment properties including multifamily, residential, and commercial in order to assist as many people as possible at OREIO. If you need financing for your own home and make your mortgage tax deductible, John can assist with that as well.

John and Connie’s background is in software engineering, both graduating from Carleton University. They both worked at Nortel until the tech bust in the early 2000’s.

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