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Join the only Ottawa-based not-for profit organization that is dedicated to making you successful in real estate investing.

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Member Benefits

Why should you join? It's simple: great value for your money. 

With your OREIO membership you receive the following:

1.    Real estate investing education every month (except July and August)

2.    The opportunity to network with like-minded people and other real estate investors

3.    Guest speakers on topics such as financing, inspections, and more

4.    Access to members’ only resources, including past presentations

5.    Various special events, such as our Bring-A-Mentor networking night or Expert Round-Table events

6.    Online discussion forum – ask questions to experienced investors

Membership Levels

Individual Membership: The cost of an individual membership is $127.00 per year.


Individual memberships must be paid on-line via the OREIO website.

Guest Program  

A guest or non-member can attend any number of monthly meetings at a cost of $30.00 per meeting, $25 if paid in advance through our website.

Promote Your Business

Own a Real Estate-related business? Get your elevator speech prepared! – Get 30 seconds each month to promote your business. As a paid member, if you give away a free gift (approx $25 value) you will have the opportunity to promote your real estate business to OREIO members at our monthly meetings. Attendance is well over 100 people and you have 30 seconds to talk about your business. Contact our Vice President at vp@oreio.org for details.


1.  I am considering joining the Ottawa Real Estate Investor’s Organization (OREIO), can I attend a meeting before making a decision?

·         Absolutely!  As a matter of fact, we encourage you to attend one of our monthly meetings as a guest before making a decision as to whether you wish to join the Ottawa Real Estate Investor’s Organization as a member.  The cost is $30.00 at the event or $25 in advance on the OREIO website. The cost is per meeting for a guest (or non-member).  You may attend any number of meetings as a guest or a non-member.

2.  I paid for my membership on the OREIO website, when will I get access to the system?

·         Immediately. If you have not received a confirmation e-mail within one hour, please advise membership@oreio.org

3.  My spouse and I cannot attend together, could we pay for one membership and receive two cards so that we may alternate attendance?

·         No.  Each membership represents one individual.

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