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In the Beginning!

  • Fri, April 22, 2022 12:29 PM
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    Hi Daryl,

    It's not easy to cover costs when simply buying a property and renting it as you bought it.  You need to go further from the city and/or into less desirable areas.

    The downside is less appreciation than you may see closer to the city, distance management, etc.

    There are several strategies to apply to buy in the city and to cashflow even with a higher purchase price.  But they take work to "convert" to something that brings more rental income than would be earned if simply buying and renting it as-is.

    I would be happy to share some of these strategies and I've done several myself (rent-to-own, adding secondary suites, student rentals, short-term rentals...)

    Feel free to reach out with your contact info if you'd like to chat..


  • Wed, April 20, 2022 4:10 PM
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    Christian Szpilfogel (Administrator)

    Hi Daryl,

    We tend to have seminars at various levels. April's topic was certainly pretty high level but we also have more accessible content for newer investors. April's topic was very important because once you get going, you will likely partner with people and structure is important.

    In June we will have a speaker that will talk about various investment models/approaches and how to choose what may be right for you. I also recommend that you look at the "Member Resources" section which has videos of past presentations on various topics going all the way back to 2014!

    As you get to know the members, you will find that many are willing to share what they have done and their own best practices. There are coaches around as well and I can recommend some that I trust. They are normally fee for service. But even just taking the time to network with club members will allow you to gain a lot.

    As for the cash flow question, there is a science to this. If it was easy, everyone would do it! It is a rather involved discussion and happy to give you my view on our next networking opportunity. My gospel is "I buy either with cash flow or line of site to cash flow."

    That last part is important. Sometimes you can buy something that doesn't currently cash flow but if you make certain changes (sometimes simple, sometimes hard) then it will cash flow. I do that latter all the time. I get lucky from time to time and acquire the former (cash flowing property). Finding these opportunities does take a lot of work but I did close on a few last month. So it is possible. 

  • Tue, April 19, 2022 4:02 PM
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    Hey all!

    I was at this months meeting at the infinity centre.  I just joined and thought it would be a good idea to take the opportunity to go to a meeting.  It was way over my head in terms of where I'm at (No action yet except in the process of ReFi our home to have capital to start).  I have a couple of Newbie questions:  

    1. I'm struggling to see the cash flow on any property based on what I have learned thus far.  Rent doesn't seem to be proportionate to the price of units? I look at properties that advertise cash flow but their numbers seem to be based on current mortages not list prices that they are selling and what a mortgage would be on that list price.  Any quick tips or ways of seeing cash flow in todays Ottawa markets?

    2. Anyone investing as far as pembroke to the west? How is that market? I see some listings that have potential. I have used my limited analyitical skills to assess this area but that doesn't always check out in reality.

    3. Is there anyone here interested in coaching/mentoring? I'm looking for someone that I can send questions too, send potential opportunities and help me assess good versus bad. That kind of thing.  With limited resources for capital I'm not looking to invest in a large company like Keyspire etc.  I would like to have someone to bounce ideas off etc.

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