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liens question

  • Wed, September 06, 2023 5:53 PM
    Message # 13251031

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience in registering a lien against a home owner for not providing payment after services performed.

    In short, did some casual labour with a friend, painting, so would be real estate related. (ironically around the area where we meet monthly). The person and his wife are difficult to deal with and already questioned taking on the work for them at a premium price. Have done other paint jobs in area, no complaints, payments in full.

    This may be a time when I may just decide to register a lien on the property or credit, just for the principle of the thing. Just don't know how much involved in process (did watch marketplace last season, seems kind of simple) and let him come to their senses before then. Amount owing is under $1000 between two people, but exploring as an option, not immediate. The person is getting other quotes to finish of painting, but won't be anywhere in the ballpark for price range he is looking for for quality work. 

    I don't post often, but just wanted to maybe have some feedback on my new issue. 

    Thank you for you time

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