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Residential Rental Licensing - Kingston

  • Mon, January 08, 2024 6:22 PM
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    Christian Szpilfogel (Administrator)

    Further update. EOLO has taken the lead supporting KRPOA. We have also pulled in FRPO.

    We made a submission to oppose the licensing proposal. 

    We need VOLUNTEERS with properties in Kingston to help contact councilors. Please reach out to me directly. vp@oreio.org. 

  • Thu, December 21, 2023 9:48 AM
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    Christian Szpilfogel (Administrator)

    As an update, we have EOLO now engaged on this. 

    Members are encouraged to fill out the survey expressing your concerns. Contact me for sample answers.


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  • Sun, December 03, 2023 1:25 PM
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    Christian Szpilfogel (Administrator)

    I've raised this with John Dickie at EOLO. Kingston doesn't quite fall into EOLO's scope but a key EOLO member, Homestead, has a lot of properties there. If Kingston does decide to move forward with something like this, then they should look at the more successful model Ottawa implemented rather than the expensive and ineffective solution Toronto put in place.

  • Sat, December 02, 2023 8:33 PM
    Message # 13286256

    Hello Fellow Real Estate Investors,

    For those of you who invest in Kingston, I wanted to bring the following survey to your attention. The City of Kingston is running a pilot project to implement a 'Residential Rental Licensing Program' (RRLP). Please take 10mins to complete the survey and voice your opinion as a Landlord/Property owner.



    Russel Hunt - 613-807-0241

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