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RentCheck Discount for OREIO: Credit reports and more

  • Tue, December 22, 2020 5:15 PM
    Message # 9447018
    Christian Szpilfogel (Administrator)

    Hi All,

    Denise McPherson let me know that we used to have a discount with RentCheck.

    I followed up with them and confirmed that this is still active and they are very pleased to support us. Just let them know you are an OREIO member and they will confirm with me.

    Whether or not you use RentCheck, I strongly encourage you to always pull a credit report on a prospective tenant and let them know early in the process that you will be doing so and if there is anything you should know before you do so (good screening step). Your rental applications should include this as well and ensure sign off from the prospective tenant.

    I personally use RentCheck for my tenant credit pulls and here is why:

    • They do a full/premium credit report pull whereas many others do a short/standard report
    • They have the largest database of tenant records with nearly 5 million entries (I double checked with them).
    • They add an heuristic to a traditional credit score to give you a "Renter's Score". This uses the credit report data and their tenant database to make a prediction on tenant quality. This score is available if there is enough data to make the prediction.
    • They allow me to automatically report on time payments and tenant issues which gets added to their database.

    For OREIO members there is a one time set up fee of $29.95 and NO annual membership fee. Each credit pull is a discounted $13.50. I recommend the enhanced pull which is $19.50.

    They also have other services including criminal background check and their latest offer of ADDRESS TELEPHONE TRACE REPORT (ATTR).  This allows you to find a tenant's new address after they have moved. Very useful if you are chasing tenant payments yourself. But I normally refer overdue amounts to a collection agency.

    They are also introducing an Employment Background Screening product. More to come on this front.

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